About Us

Kawaii Pizza Co. was established in 2004 by a family of pizza enthusiasts who wanted to share our love for good food and community. We saw a need for a neighborhood pizza joint that would offer affordable and delicious pizza made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. So, we set out to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere where families, friends, and pizza lovers of all ages could come together and enjoy a slice of Japanese-inspired pizza.

Over the years, Kawaii Pizza Co. has become a beloved local institution, known for our creative Japanese-themed pizzas, flavorful sauces, and tasty toppings. We have stayed true to our roots and our commitment to keeping prices low, making our pizzas accessible to everyone in the community. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain dedicated to providing high-quality pizza with a side of aloha spirit.

We understand the importance of offering options for all dietary preferences. We offer a variety of vegan alternatives of fresh, local ingredients, as well as the ability for you to customize your pizza to fit your specific needs.

We strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible without compromising the quality of our ingredients. As our prices are already competitive, we do not offer deals or coupons.